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An Interactive & Graphic Designer


I'm a recent graduate of Millersville University in Interactive and Graphic design. I have done work with graphic mediums ranging from coding to illustration. My main focus is in branding but I am able to do most facets of design. I enjoy making things so in my free time I make vinyl decals and enjoy fixing motorcycles. 


Professional CV

Past Experience

May 2019 - January 2020


During this time I made some logo designs for local businesses. The companies varied from construction to career planning.

May 2019 - January 2020


This mentorship was during my junior year of college. I was a mentor for two students that were underclassmen. I would help them with the projects that they were working on during the semester. I would also help them with learn new things on different programs to make their work more efficient and easier. 

May 2019 - January 2022

Laborer At Coca Cola

This position was focused on warehouse maintenance,  product organization, and outgoing pallet building. So I would take the product that gets broken in transit and clean everything and repack the product. I would also get a packing list and build the pallet based on what the customer ordered. 


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