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Meyers Redesign

For this project, I wanted to clean up the design of the Meyers brand hand soap because I felt that it was too cluttered with information. I also wanted the design to be focused on a different clientele. The idea was to brand it with a high-end decorative soap design. So I started with simple shapes for my designs at first with this triangle and circle pattern. 

I then tried to branch out from these ideas to see if others would be more successful. I came up with this design to the right to represent the bubbles that you get when you use soap. I adjusted things throughout the process including the type, layout, and overall design of the bubbles. 


I then tried to do something different with the design where instead of simple shapes they would be more abstract but still represent the soap in some way. In this case, it is represented in the fluid form of the shapes. 

I then focused more on the decorative side of the design and thought that a pattern would work well for this. So I made this square pattern to look good on both the shelf and in the home of the consumer. I then adjusted the color palette based on the type of soap scent that was inside and ended up with the final product below. 

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