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Hero Illustration


Here are some different ideas for helmets and feet of the character. I wanted to make a helmet that was similar to the game style but wasn't in the game itself. So I went with the last one to the right. As for the feet I wanted a simple boot style which is what I ended up with on the end to the right. 

I then went on to make the armor that would be the main body of the character. I wasn't sure what kind of armor I wanted but I wanted it to somewhat resemble a bandit style. So I went with plate armor that covers the whole upper body and leather covering for his legs. 


Then I moved on to the design of the dragon. I had never tried to draw a dragon so I wanted to do something that would have a gothic style to it. Which I achieved in the final pair of wings at the bottom. 

I then moved on to the design of the head. I wasn't sure how I wanted to do the face. I was thinking of a realism approach but decided that a simpler design would fit better. So I followed that down the line and refined the head.

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